Full Moon Musings August 2021: Sturgeon Moon


Dear Lovely Gentle Makers,

It is hard to know what to say when it feels like the world is burning. The constant grim news and sadness. Sending out a newsletter filled with gentle positivity is not going to change anything but I hope that it adds some ease to your day.

First, a poem by friend of ANOGM, Giskin Day:

A Stitch in Time
I take my needle for a walk,
It wears a country colour.
A pallid palette.
Better fit for fallow, furloughed fields
than glitzy city tapestry.

Needle and me, we frequently
misread the map and must
track back
tack back
Or cut a cross

The needle has been fingered for a fray
It is inclined to go astray.
It stabs and jabs and sticks in tones.
The chart demands cross stitches.
But I prefer the happy way.

Jostling in the floss box,
Bulging bobbins whine to unwind.
Yarns yearn to be
set sprawling over linen snow.

City to settee. Sit. tea.
So….slow. Sow.

Thank you Giskin x

Tapestry Weaving set in a windowsill at Craigievar Castle, Scotland

I have been very fortunate to get away for a couple of breaks this summer. A family holiday to Scotland and a road trip to Margate with my mum. Scotland was a very quiet breather where we walked and swam and I knitted and sketched and played around with tapestry weaving. And the kids relished watching the Olympics and Love Island……

View from the window at the Turner Contemporary Art Gallery, Margate

We loved the Turner Contemporary Art Gallery in Margate. Anywhere with art, sea views and an Anthony Gormley sculpture gets my vote. I found a new love for the works of JMW Turner, particularly the more abstract studies of skies that he painted and one of the phrases of the weekend was ‘if it’s good enough for Turner, it’s good enough for me!’

ANOGM friend Sue in her newly finished mohair jumper

Those of you who were on the June retreat will I am sure, be very happy to see Sue in the photo above, modelling her completed jumper! Sue was a complete beginner knitter this Spring, so she taught herself to knit via YouTube and some sessions with me. Sue quietly knitted her jumper while we were knitting our shawls. I am staggered at how quickly she has mastered all she needed to know to knit a jumper! Total respect Sue, well done!!

Front cover of the book ‘Otto Goes North’

Many of you will know that I love a good children’s book. My children are way past the picture book stage so I buy them for myself. I picked up this book on a bargain book shelf whilst waiting in line at the Post Office. Mainly because I have a son called Otto…….But I didn’t know quite how wonderful a book it would be!

Otto the lemur goes to visit his friends far in the north, because he wants to paint the Northern Lights. He gets very cold so the friends set about making him something warm to wear. They get a book and teach themselves to spin, dye, and knit wool!

The storytelling is funny and heartwarming and the illustrations are gorgeous. They say you can’t judge a book by its cover but this time I think subliminally I knew it would be a cracker of a book. Highly recommended.

That’s all for now folks. I really hope you enjoy the rest of this month and into September when the days will start to get a little chillier. But for now, here’s to being outdoors! Just a little plug below for the ANOGM @ Boconnoc retreats this October. We have the last couple of places available on Retreat One and a few more on Retreat Two. Would be super to have you along. There is more information on the ANOGM website.

With much love
Charlotte xx

Sunset in Margate
Sunset in Margate

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