I am so delighted that you have chosen to find out about A Nest of Gentle Makers. We are a small team working to provide beautiful, restorative retreats. We hope you will be able to find out everything you need to know about the retreats we are running in 2020. We first started holding retreats in May and October 2019 and we are really looking forward to holding retreats in 2020. 

What I believe:

That taking time for oneself is so important in this very busy world we live in.

That spending time outdoors is very beneficial to our mental health.

That taking time to connect with nature,  will help you to connect better with yourself. 

That connecting with nature, yourself and others, will help unlock your creativity.

That there is joy in the as yet unknown connections that will be made at these gatherings. 




“Among the Nest of Gentle Makers- I inhaled, exhaled, moved, rested, was still, was nourished and nurtured. I talked, listened, laughed, shared, cared, looked, discovered, created and returned to being me.”
Photo Credit: Alaine Shaw 2019

Interested in Coming Along?


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