The next ANOGM retreat will be Friday 25th-Sunday 27th June 2021!!!! (Keeping everything crossed, of course.)

I have lots of ideas on how we can run safely as the venue has lots of outdoor space and I am planning on capping numbers to ensure everyone can have their own bedroom, unless you come with and are happy to share a room with someone in your ‘bubble’. Obviously this is still tinged with uncertainty as we have no idea how this pandemic will end but I think planning for next June gives us the best chance of things going ahead.

So , if you are interested, and not planning on going to Glastonbury Festival 😉 set the date in your diary. The venue is Hazel Hill Wood near Salisbury, a woodland retreat centre. There will be much more information in future newsletters, but for now, imagine off grid eco buildings, long evenings with campfires, crafting together, stretching together, lovely food and the tranquility of being together in the wood.

I am planning on still issuing my Full Moon emails each month, with some additional contributions from our wonderful yogi Kate. If you would like to receive the emails with updates about future retreats, please sign up via the contact page. I would love to hear from you if there is anything you would like us to cover in the emails, or if you have any thoughts or making you would like to share with our little community. Just email me at anestofgentlemakers@btinternet.com

With love,

Charlotte Jenner


I am so delighted that you have chosen to find out about A Nest of Gentle Makers. We are a small team working to provide beautiful, restorative retreats. We hope you will be able to find out everything you need to know about the retreats we are running in 2021. We first started holding retreats in May and October 2019 and we are really looking forward to holding retreats in 2021. 

What I believe:

That taking time for oneself is so important in this very busy world we live in.

That spending time outdoors is very beneficial to our mental health.

That taking time to connect with nature,  will help you to connect better with yourself. 

That connecting with nature, yourself and others, will help unlock your creativity.

That there is joy in the as yet unknown connections that will be made at these gatherings. 

These retreats are NOT a luxury spa break or a country house hotel break.
Accommodation is rustic. There are shared showers and toilets. Buildings are heated by wood burners, but we rely on our guests to wear adequate warm clothing and sturdy, waterproof footwear.
The cost of the retreats is not cheap, we acknowledge that, but this is necessary to cover the costs of exclusive hire of a beautiful site, surrounded by woodland, with two creative teachers providing five hours each of formal tuition in the workshops and plenty more informal tuition over the weekend. Our resident yogi is on hand to offer three classes of yoga over the weekend and a lot more wisdom throughout! There is opportunity for a guided walk and of course the price includes sleeping accommodation and all meals, tea and coffee and cake.

With all that outlined, and what the retreat is not, we need to think about what it can offer.
The ability to fully switch off. There is no wi-fi. This is the perfect opportunity to detox yourself of the internet and technology.
The chance to learn a new creative skill under the tuition of our brilliant teaching team. The teachers are chosen for their expertise in their particular field. But also they will be taking part and resident at the retreat with you, encouraging a spirit of togetherness.
The chance to stretch yourself a little by not having all of your creature comforts around you.

Hardy walkers out in the rain October 2019

The opportunity to bring your own project to complete alongside the formal creative classes. That’s absolutely fine by us! Many people have things they want to make and do and just need the time and space to do it. You might want to just come and absorb the beautiful surroundings and, if you want to, share in the company of others. The focus is on gentle creativity in an un-pressured and unhurried environment.
The ability to walk in nature, observing your surroundings. To sit around the campfire (weather permitting) and chat with people you perhaps did not know before the weekend. To stretch during early morning yoga and to completely relax in the afternoon restorative yoga session.
And if you want to spend the weekend in your (warm) pyjamas- that is fine too!

If what our retreats can offer speaks to you, then we would be delighted to have you along!
The next retreat will be the 25th-27th June 2021 at Hazel Hill Wood near Salisbury, Wiltshire.

Art Sharing May 2019

 A little video to inspire you to come on A Nest of Gentle Makers Retreat:


“Among the Nest of Gentle Makers- I inhaled, exhaled, moved, rested, was still, was nourished and nurtured. I talked, listened, laughed, shared, cared, looked, discovered, created and returned to being me.”
Photo Credit: Alaine Shaw 2019

Interested in Coming Along?

Please explore the pages of this website to get a flavour of what we offer at A Nest of Gentle Makers. You can follow along on Instagram @anestofgentlemakers and sign up to a monthly newsletter via the contact page below. Looking forward to having you along some day!


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