Happy New Year!

So here we are in 2019. Still deep in winter but thinking forward to the coming year. 2018 was an incredibly challenging year for our family, as it was for many people. We managed to survive the year due to the love and support shown to us by friends and family. I have so much to be grateful for: I am indebted to the friends who carried me along (even when I failed to reply to texts and messages!), the strong bond I have with my siblings, the love and support of my sisters-in law and mother-in-law. I would say that our family sense of humour has carried us through the darkest times, coupled with a gritty determination. Thankfully things are becoming more settled now and we can look forward to the New Year with optimism.

I like to pick a word or two for the coming year and my words for 2019 are hope and courage. They came to the fore in the last few months as they were greatly needed! I have decided to keep them for the year so I can build on them as I continue with my new venture. I am full of ideas, excitement and trepidation as I enter the year of my first retreats.

Bluebell and I have had some fun putting together a little film for you to set the scene for A Nest of Gentle Makers’ first retreat in 2019. Please enjoy it and I do hope to see you in the New Forest in 2019.


Charlotte xx

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