What To Expect

An Attendee’s Perspective of ANOGM @ Boconnoc

One of the kind people who came to ANOGM @ Boconnoc October 2021 wrote a little piece on what to expect:

“I went to this retreat having little feel for the practicalities of the place I so thought I would write about what to expect of ANOGM retreat at Boconnoc after my stay this week.
Boconnoc House is absolutely beautiful – a stunning spacious historical building but cosy, comfy, calm and not at all stuffy. It is a staffed house rather than a hotel so no room service/concierge but more a (very grand) home from home feel – you can pad around in your socks/bare feet and help yourself to a cuppa and relax in one of various beautiful spaces depending on whether you want company or not.

For those that need it phone signal and wifi both work very well.

Breakfast was a range of cereals, fruit, home made breads and freshly cooked local eggs, lunch was homemade soups with a range of salads and dinner was 2 courses of really good vegetarian dishes plus pudding with options. There was also a lot of cake..so if that is your thing you will not be disappointed!

I don’t have any special dietary needs but I could see every need/taste could be catered for.

There is a schedule but it is flexible and we were consulted before each session about how we wanted it to work for us…if you cannot bear to step away from your project or you just want to skip a session and do something else that’s fine – nothing is set in stone.

The opportunity to be outside in nature is endless….walking, running, dozing, swimming in the lake, looking at and listening to the wildlife right on the doorstep.

Charlotte, Yogi Kate, Chef Holly, Artist Luna and resident Jack-of-all-Trades Mat made it work…….welcoming, well organised, flexible, kind, considerate, peaceful, creative, restorative – everything I signed up for and we all  smiled and laughed a lot too.”

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